Sponsorship for Change

When a parent has resources, they have options. When they do not, they can feel trapped.  Parents with resources make decisions from a place of confidence vs. helplessness. Parents with resources are less likely to be: manipulated, bullied, coerced, dismissed, pressured, or discriminated against.  Parents across this country are searching for answers on how to keep their children safe and protected and how to help their children heal from damage they believe their child may have suffered at the hands of those they trusted to guide them, mainstream medicine. Those answers can many times only be found outside of mainstream medicine and only when resources are available for them to do so.

The ability to access care options outside of mainstream medicine often requires resources that are not provided within the framework of traditional health insurance. This overwhelmingly effects the poor and children from low income families who simply cannot afford to look for other care options when…

  1. mainstream medicine has failed to provide answers for a health issue that a child is suffering from .
  2. mainstream medicine’s “answers” come in the form of a band-aid approach to symptom control in the form of drugs with damaging side effects.
  3. mainstream medicine doctors employ pressure tactics and discrimination against parents who are unsure of whether or not they wish to subject their children to the recommendations of the CDC Childhood Immunization Schedule.

The medical freedom movement is sounding the alarm and excellent information abounds.  Parents are listening. They are wanting to heed the warnings as it pertains to the health and well being of their children.  For those with financial resources, it is easy. For those without resources, it is not. Sponsorship is extending a helping hand to those families who are starting to wake up and listen but feel lost without the financial resources to begin finding another way.  Sponsorship says, “We know this is hard, let us help you get started down this new road”. It connects those with resources in the medical freedom community with those who need them desperately. Sponsorship can make an incredibly impactful difference in the health of children, giving parents much needed time to learn, connect into a new like minded and supportive community,  and experience the benefits of integrative and holistic care for a season without it being a financial burden that they would otherwise be unable to bear.

Sponsorship can help turn the tide of vaccine injury for the children of parents who desperately want medical freedom of choice.  Many times a parent’s sense of helplessness to seek care elsewhere due to lack of resources will result in them succumbing to the pressure of their pediatricians coercive tactics regarding childhood vaccinations making their children vulnerable to injury.  Sponsorship gives parents the ability to access care for their children that will prevent injury, that can only be found in the safety of practices that uphold informed consent as a standard of care. And for those children struggling with a health crisis, care that can bring healing, hope, and a better quality of life that can only be found in practices that can find the root cause and acknowledge the incredible power of the body to heal.