Published Studies on the negative effects of Aluminum

  8. Neurological damage from aluminum
  9. Lawrence B. Palevsky, MD, FAAP (pediatrician) on the risks of Aluminum and other ingredients in vaccines

Published Studies on the negative effects of Thimerosal

  1. Human Exposure to Mercury
  2. A case controlled study of Mercury levels in Autistic children
  3. Study shows harm from just one Mercury filled vaccine
  4. Exposure to Mercury and Aluminum in Early Life: Developmental Vulnerability as a Modifying Factoring Neurologic and Immunologic Effects

Published Studies on the negative effects of Polysorbate 80

  1. Toxicology Data on Polysorbate 80
  2. Infertility linked to Polysorbate 80
  3. Documented side effects of Polysorbate 80

Published Studies on the negative effects of Formaldehyde

  1. Formaldehyde a Group 1 Human Carcinogen
  2. Medical Surveillance of Formaldehyde
  3. Formaldehyde and Cancer
  4. CDC studies on negative effects of Formaldehyde

Published Study on the health of fully vaccinated children vs unvaccinated children

  1. Flu Vaccine Causes 5.5 Times More Respiratory Infections
  2. Study shows unvaccinated children are much healthier than vaccinated children

Vaccines and Autism

148 Research Papers Supporting the Link Between Vaccines and Autism…/124-Research-Papers-Supporting…


Vaccines caused autism here in this federal court case…/ABELL.ZELLER073008.pdf…/CAMPBELL-SMITH.MOJABI……


Here are 83 cases reviewed by lawyers……


Here are 127 separate studies linking vaccines and autism.…/124-Research-Papers-Supporting…


Read this about Hannah Brusewitz case and how she was harmed by DTP


Supreme Court Unavoidably Unsafe

50 studies that show the harmful effects of vaccines by the Vaccine Safety Commission


Vaccines And Mental Disorders

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development with Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Research on aborted fetal cell lines used in vaccines

Research on the use of animal DNA used in vaccines

Vaccines contaminated with pig virus

Research on the combination of human and animal DNA used in vaccines


New Yale Study showing vaccines are associated with mental disorders

Landmark study has found metal debris and biological contamination in every human vaccine tested

Glyphosate Found in Vaccines


Gardasil Injuries- HPV Vaccine

Gardasil HPV Vaccine Fraud Exposed By Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock

Gardasil vaccine linked to still births and abortions

American College of Pediatrics speaks out against HPV vaccine causing premature menopause

Merck’s Former Doctor Predicts Gardasil To Become The Greatest Medical Scandal Of All Time

Thousands of girls have been damaged and many have died from the HPV vaccine… Hear their stories


The Truth About the Gardasil Vaccine by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny


A dose-response relationship between organic mercury exposure from thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Relative trends in hospitalizations and mortality among infants by the number of vaccine doses and age, based on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), 1990-2010.

Is infant immunization a risk factor for childhood asthma or allergy?


Infant mortality rates regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?

Infection, vaccines and other environmental triggers of autoimmunity.


DTP with or after measles vaccination is associated with increased in-hospital mortality in Guinea-Bissau.


Measles outbreak in a vaccinated school population: epidemiology, chains of transmission and the role of vaccine failures.


A positive association found between autism prevalence and childhood vaccination uptake across the U.S. population.


Hepatitis B vaccination of male neonates and autism diagnosis, NHIS 1997-2002.


Abnormal measles-mumps-rubella antibodies and CNS autoimmunity in children with autism.


The plausibility of a role for mercury in the etiology of autism: a cellular perspective


Detection of RNA of Mumps Virus during an Outbreak in a Population with a High Level of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccine Coverage


A case series of children with apparent mercury toxic encephalopathies manifesting with clinical symptoms of regressive autistic disorders.


Aluminum in the central nervous system (CNS): toxicity in humans and animals, vaccine adjuvants, and autoimmunity.


Unvaccinated Children are Healthier


Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity…/10.1371/journal.pone.0008382


Combination MMRV vaccine linked with 2-fold risk of seizures…/2010-06/kp-cmv062310.php


Impact of environmental factors on the prevalence of autistic disorder after 1979…/article1409245960


Increased risk of noninfluenza respiratory virus infections associated with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine.


Effectiveness of trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in influenza-related hospitalization in children: a case-control study.


Speciation of methyl- and ethyl-mercury in hair of breastfed infants acutely exposed to thimerosal-containing vaccines.


Comparison of VAERS fetal-loss reports during three consecutive influenza seasons


FDA concludes vaccines cause Autism…/…/…/…


Vaccines and Infant Death