Chronic Illness


help for children suffering with chronic illness

Chronic Illness is a growing epidemic in our country and around the world. Mainstream medicine is failing to offer anything  more than the “band- aid solutions” of drugs to manage symptoms at the same time  causing unwanted and sometimes serious side effects that diminish an individual’s quality of life and long term health.

To compound the problem,  most providers remain uneducated on the possible environmental causes and therapies that might address the root causes of these conditions. 

The sad truth is that chronic illness in children is on the rise, some estimate that upwards of 54% of children are currently living with a chronic illness: asthma, epilepsy, autism, deadly food allergies, eczema, ADD, ADHD…the list goes on and the healing care that can sometimes be found outside of mainstream medicine’s ” band-aid approach”  is often out of reach for parents due to a lack of financial resources to pay out of pocket  for services not covered by traditional insurance in addition to not knowing where to start in their search for answers pertaining to their child’s chronic  condition.  

Hope Inc Academy seeks to assist parents find answers, offer support, and help them access care for their children suffering with a chronic illness by connecting our clients in need with those who have the resources to help meet that need  through our sponsorship and mentorship programs. 

Chronic Illness Rescue Sponsorship or Mentorship Program Application

If your child suffers from a chronic illness, fill out an application here to be considered  for possible assistance through our sponsorship programs or to be connected with a mentor.